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WattHack is an annual two-day in-person hardware hackathon with an aim for students to work in teams to take E-waste components and create something new. The makeathon is open to students from all backgrounds and experience levels. There is a series of technical workshops leading up to the event, to allow any beginners to hit the ground running!

WattHack 2022

Watthack came back for 2022 where it took place between 20th to 21st of April at the Telstra Creator Space. 2022 saw the introduction of the added challenge, where teams needed to design their project around a theme of Transportation!

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With over $800 in prize money, the basement of the Telstra Creator Space was a-buzz with the creative minds hard at work to realise their designs and projects across the two day hardware hackathon. During this time, industry representatives from our sponsors Ford and the staff Telstra Creator Space help mentor the teams and gave critical feedback and ideas before they needed to present their project on the afternoon of the final day. A massive thank you to everyone involved for making Watthack 2022 as successful as it was and we look forward to seeing next time!

1st Place

2nd Place

3rd Place

WattHack 2022

WattHack 2022 Sponsors

WattHack 2021

WattHack 2021 was the first ever WattHack, and was originally on 16th-17th July. After a successful day 1 on the 16th, an unfortunate lockdown meant day 2 would be canceled. However, Watthack 2021, or Watthack Reloaded, restarted and took place on the 22nd-23rd November. It was in the Telstra Creator Space, the brand new fabrication lab at The University of Melbourne, and was its first-ever event!


WattHack 2021 saw $600+ in prize money to the teams, after having their presentations judged by a panel of industry representatives from CSIRO and the

Australian Defence Force. The representatives also hovered around the teams, mentoring them and giving feedback. The teams came up with creative and brilliant devices for the problems they identified as well as entertaining presentations. To conclude, and to celebrate the end of the year, we held a pub night at The Clyde Hotel. WattHack 2021 was a great success and we cannot wait to organise another!

WattHack 2021 winners


1st Place

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2nd Place


3rd Place

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