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Wattle Fellowship - UniMelb Leadership Program

The Wattle Fellowship is the University of Melbourne’s co-curricular program for students to foster leadership on global sustainability. The program focuses on multidisciplinary approaches, leadership development, experiential learning, and practical skills development. Wattle Fellows are envisioned to embed sustainability practices and principles into every social endeavor.

This is a year-long leadership program that supports students to bring ideas to life, create a positive impact, and develop within a community of change-makers. All coursework students from the University of Melbourne are eligible to apply, as long as they have an interest in sustainability. From a DIY e-bike conversion kit to a sustainable health promotion package for GP waiting rooms, to a 'tiny theatre in a briefcase' telling tales of human encounters with birds, the Wattle Fellowship student projects are diverse and divergent, but all aim to create lasting positive social and environmental outcomes.

The program commences mid-semester two. Fellows will participate in retreats, workshops, events, and mentoring opportunities and have the opportunity to implement their own action projects. Students from all backgrounds are invited to apply for the 2022/23 program.

The wattle is iconically Australian and as a native flower celebrates the place, theme, and growth that this Fellowship represents. Wattles are essential in pollination and we aim to have our Fellows spread ideas, approaches and impact globally.

Eligibility guidelines: The program will accept up to 20 students.

Applicants must:

  • Be a current undergraduate or postgraduate coursework student at the University of Melbourne.

  • Have completed at least one semester of an undergraduate degree prior to the commencement of the program.

  • Remain a University of Melbourne student for the duration of the program (i.e. not graduate from their current degree program prior to the conclusion of the Fellowship).

  • Be in good academic standing. There is no WAM requirement for the Fellowship.

  • Domestic and international; part-time and full-time students are eligible for this program.

Application Deadline: 31 May 2022, 11:59 PM AEST

How to apply

Students will submit:

  • Written answers to questions that correspond to the selection criteria.

  • Evidence that demonstrates the applicant’s leadership qualities and ability to succeed in the program (this could take shape in the form of a reference letter or a portfolio of previous efforts for example).

Shortlisted candidates will be invited to attend a short interview with the Wattle Fellowship selection committee consisting of program staff, a University of Melbourne expert, and an external practitioner. This interview, along with the submitted information will be assessed across the four selection criteria.


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