Melbourne University Electrical Engineering Club

For students who share the passion for Electrical and Mechatronics engineering


The Melbourne University Electrical Engineering Club (MUEEC) was founded by a group of enthusiastic engineering students hoping to bridge the divide between academics and practical experience by fostering professional skills development. Ever since then, MUEEC has continued to expand based on this underlying theme of facilitating and developing the educational, social, and professional opportunities available to students.

Meet the 2021 - 2022 Commitee!

President: Tianchen Lou

Vice President: Franiska Nauli

Secretary: Manthila Ranatunga

Treasurer: Kush Mittal

Education Officer: Mukul Chodhary

ARRP Officers: Po Liu, Jon South, Andrew Kogios

Industry Officer: Andria Zanotto

IT/Website Manager: Anton Kogios

Events Manager: Ryan Penrose

Digital Media Manager: Alex Williams

Social Media Coordinator: Andrew Ngadiman


ARRP Workshop Coordinator: Craig Coburn

Editorial Coordinator: Noor Shaik

Graphic Design Coodinator: Ryan Xie

Graphic Design Coordinator: Lisa Yamamoto

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Each semester, MUEEC holds many academic and social events to promote the development of hands-on skills as well as professional engineering skills. We also offer opportunities to network with industry representatives and to form social connections. These include Watthack, Industry nights, ARRP technical workshops, pub nights, and many more

WattHack 2021 6_edited.jpg

WattHack was 2-day makeathon held at the Telstra Creator Space which involved students using E-waste components to design and create something new.

It's running again in 2022!


In collaboration with MESS, MUCSS, EWB, WISE, and WIT, Spaghetti Bridge 2022 allowed students from a diverse range of clubs to compete with one common cause: build the strongest bridge!

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