Melbourne University Electrical Engineering Club is an university affiliated club for all students who share the passion for electrical engineering.



Regularly run throughout the year including:

– LaTeX


– Verilog

– Soldering

Industry Nights

Industry representatives sharing their knowledge and experiences to the next generation of electrical engineers.

Study Sessions

Run by MUEEC senior students, for students during the exam study period on electrical engineering subjects such as Digital Systems Design.


The Autonomous Robotics Research Project is a new student-led initiative at the University of Melbourne. It was created to enable engineering and IT students to gain experience in automation, robotics and machine intelligence.


Check out the latest news in the club and in the tech world.
The Arduino and Why We Should Go For it

The Arduino and Why We Should Go For it

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Volunteer Positions with ARRP Now Open!

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The Secrets to Cold Fusion

The Secrets to Cold Fusion

Cold fusion – also called the low-energy nuclear reaction (LENR) nowadays – is a theory where nuclear fusion would occur...

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