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Information for Sponsors

We would like to extend an invitation to our industry leaders to support us as a sponsor in inspiring the next generation of engineers and STEM leaders.

MUEEC prides itself on its professionalism in fulfilling our sponsorship commitments. We want to ensure you, as supporters, receive value for money during your engagement with our peers. We aim to match the interests of students with those of our sponsors.

As such, each year, we offer four tiers of sponsorships, which are outlined below.


Platinum Sponsor - $5,000

– Exclusive rights as 1 of 5 Platinum Sponsors of MUEEC for 2022
– Company introduced as Platinum Sponsor on the front page of MUEEC’s website, and all appropriate event promotional materials
– Invitation to be involved in all MUEEC events, such as MUEEC’s SuperHack and the career expo;
– The opportunity to present as a guest speaker, industry mentor or competition adjudicator for our events (number of attendees varies based on event)
– Sharing of up to 5 company-related posts (such as seminars, job-postings, etc.) on MUEEC’s social media channels and the MUEEC fortnightly newsletters throughout the year
– Opportunity to be involved in any ARRP projects (beginner, intermediate or advanced projects);
– MUEEC will offer to organize one tailored student-related event for the company at the University of Melbourne. Free of charge for up to $500. All general logistics will be organised by MUEEC to make it as convenient as possible for the company
– Company logo printed on all appropriate MUEEC advertisement materials, such as t-shirts, website, banners, posters and event packs.

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