MUEEC hosts a number of events throughout the year that help you gain valuable practical skills, meet like-minded people and have some fun! If you missed an event, you can read about them here. 

We will give updates on the events in our Facebook page!

Semester 2 Events

To be updated...


Semester 1 Events

Free Dumplings!

This semester, MUEEC is bringing something new to open the semester. Because we're all bored of pizzas and stuff, we'll be hosting a 'dumplings party' in the first week of semester 1! What's better than free food, hey? Stay tuned with our Facebook page for more updates!


Workshops, Lots of Them

Learn to use various software and skills that will help you in learning throughout uni. Even better, they are useful in work as well!

  • LaTeX Workshop

What is LaTeX? It is a very powerful tool to help with document preparation. It would be really helpful to learn this early on and get used to using it! It will save you a lot of time and guarantees tidiness.

  • MATLAB Workshop

As an engineer, MATLAB will be one of your best friend. It is very easy to use once you get used to it, and it is a very powerful tool for engineering. If you've never learned MATLAB before, this will be a great opportunity to help you get used to it!

  • Verilog Workshop

Have you ever heard of Field-Programmable Gate Arrays (FPGA)? Well, it's basically an integrated circuit that can be programmed and Verilog is the language we use to program FPGAs. Learning it early will be helpful for you electrical engineers! Especially because Verilog will be heavily used in Digital System Design (ELEN30010).

  • Soldering Workshop

Learn to solder stuff! This will be a very exciting and fun workshop! Doesn't matter whether you've never soldered anything before, or you're a master of soldering, it will be a fun workshop!


Industry Night

Not sure how the engineering industry looks like? Keen on knowing what is happening in the industry? Come to the industry night! MUEEC will be inviting some professional engineers from different fields of work to share their experience with us! They will also be available for some questions or a quick chat! This is a very good chance to do some networking! Stay tuned to MUEEC's Facebook page for more information!


Exam Revision Workshops and Study Sessions

Every semester MUEEC holds exam revision sessions for ELEN and ELEN related subjects. These (popular) study sessions are a great way to connect and work with other revising students. Stay tuned towards the end of semester for more information about these!

Autonomous Robotics Research Program

This year, 26 teams from 20 universities around Australia, New Zealand and Singapore will be participating in National Instrument's Autonomous Robotics Competition. The teams will spend the next few months preparing for the live final, hosted in Sydney in September. After the meeting on the 8th, the teams were formed and tackled their first workshop and began their path to bring glory to our university. Read here to find out more.