The Secrets to Cold Fusion

Cold fusion – also called the low-energy nuclear reaction (LENR) nowadays – is a theory where nuclear fusion would occur at around room temperature while nuclear fusion normally occurs at extremely high temperatures (e.g. tens of millions of degrees). The theory was initially proposed in the 1920s, and the research on this topic is still ongoing now. Basically, the theory states that when enough hydrogens (lots of them) are loaded into metal catalysts (such as palladium), they begin to fuse and produce energy. It’s even said that if it’s successful, it will produce as much as three times more energy than the energy used in the process. Imagine if it succeeded, it could simply be an “inexhaustible source of energy”!



The Fleischmann - Pons Experiment

One of the most famous experiments regarding cold fusion is done in the 1989 by Martin Fleischmann and Stanley Pons. They claimed that they managed to discover the processes behind cold fusion. However, people began to question the validity of their experiment, and unfortunately, they can’t answer everyone’s question. They couldn’t explain the process in details and their experiment is not documented meticulously, leaving a lot of details behind, leading to scepticism. All in all, their experiment was accused as fraud, and their work debunked.


What about now?

How cavitation looks like

Apparently, some researchers are still working on cold fusion. Some even used the Fleischmann – Pons experiment as their basis, and they tried to replicate the experiment. Mark LeClair and Serge Lebid found the “secret”behind cold fusion. They managed to find the missing link to replicate the findings of Fleischmann and Pons, it is cavitation. Cavitation is when liquid-free zones (bubbles or voids) are formed because of forces action on liquid.

Mark and Serge found that, the cold fusion happens not in any metal, but within the water itself via cavitation. Additionally, the 800 watts they used in the experiment resulted in 2900 watts coming out in form of heat. They are still continuing their experiment, and imagine what would happen if they managed to finish it. “Unlimited” energy!


Written by Dennis A. Darsono (MUEEC Committee 2017/2018)




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