A Word from the President


Welcome back to University! The team has been working hard across the summer break to sort out some awesome events. So let's just jump into it!


FREE Dumplings!

What more needs to be said than keep your eyes peeled in old engineering for the week one lunch event. The word is that there will be a copious amount of free food so come and grab a bite, and have a bit of chat.


Industry Night 1

For those that would like a head start on finding a job or just want to network this is the event for you. We need to keep it all under wraps for the time being but there are some great companies presenting and there will be a chance to mingle with food after the presentations so dress sharp, as NEAT CASUAL is a must! While we cannot name the companies just yet trust me you will really want to be there. Places limited to 120 make sure you book as soon as registrations open because this one sells out very quickly.


LaTeX Workshop

If you have ever wondered how some lecturers have ridiculously well formatted assignments, or if you are just new to university or just want to hone your document skills then we know where you should be for an hour. LaTeX is a language that is used to produce absolutely beautiful reports, books, letters, presentations and just about any document under the sun. If this has not been motivation enough, a significant number of subjects except typed reports and this is orders of magnitude better than typing it in word for engineers.


Soldering Workshop

Come and learn to surface mount solder like a pro! This workshop will be 2 or 3 hours so come and solder up that sweet membership card that you all hopefully got in O-week or week 1. It can do a lot because it has the potential to be fully functioning Arduino Micro. But my favourite feature is that it can easily be programed to act as a USB Keyboard and mouse. If you already have a 32u4 based board try the following:


`void setup() {




void loop() {

Keyboard.print("You pressed the button "); // Well clearly

delay(1); //delay of 1 ms ¯\_(ツ)_/¯



MATLAB Workshop

Fortunately or unfortunately you are stuck with MATLAB for basically all of your engineering studies. Fortunately the good folks from MUEEC are here to help by providing a crash course on MATLAB. Even if you have done plenty of MATLAB in the past, a 1 hour refresher at the start of the year never hurts anyone.


Verilog Workshop

Ever wanted to learn a hardware definition language or need a bit of a kickstart on DSD then this 1 hour workshop is where you need to be! We have gotten an industry expert in to design this short course so everyone is bound to learn something!


SWOTVAC Study Sessions

These fun days run 10 AM to 5 PM early in SWOTVAC. Voting on which subjects to provide sessions for will open during the semester because we can only run a finite number (the committee have to study as well) but we try and provide as many as possible.


Best of luck with the semester and I hope that everyone has a fantastic year.

If you have any event suggestion or would like to get involved with MUEEC please do not hesitate to get in contact.


Keep an eye on our Facebook page for updates!

Written by Thomas G. Harper (President of MUEEC 2017/2018)

E-mail: president@mueec.com

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