The World’s Fastest Electric Car ”NIO EP9”

The NIO EP9 is an electric-powered, two seat supercar which is manufactured by Chinese electric car maker NextEV. The company aimed to make EP9 became a best in class and showcase electric vehicle.  NextEV founder and chairman, William Li, said:“The NIO EP9 was born to push limits and is the first stage of automotive production for NIO. It is a statement of our vision and technical and manufacturing capabilities. It showcases what is possible with electric vehicles. In fact, the first vehicle it revealed is already a huge success and world-record holder.


EP9 has hold several track recorders. Darrell Etherington said: it has the fastest lap time for an EV at the Nürbhurgring Nordschliefe test track in Germany, one of the most famous proving grounds for supercars. Besides, the EP9 also beat the EV record at Frances Circuit Paul Ricard by around 50 seconds. Specifically, EP9s specs include a 0-124mph speed of 7.1 seconds and a top speed of around 200mph. It also has a 0-60mph time of 2.7 seconds, which, astute EV fans will note, is actually 0.2 seconds slower than the current production model of the Tesla P100D with the Ludicrous Mode option. 


Another expert Jeremy White said:Four high-performance motors (one for each wheel) and four individual gearboxes give the EP9 a 777-volt powertrain that develops 1 megawatt of power, equivalent to an astonishing 1,341bhp, which makes EP9 could accelerate from 0-200kph in 7.1 seconds and gains the top speed of 200mph. Apart from that, Jeremy also said:The electric EP9 can be charged to full in 45 minutes (though its interchangeable battery system could allow the cells to be swapped out in just eight minutes) and it has a claimed range of 427km. In addition, Jeremy pointed out that a carbon cockpit and chassis aims to cut weight, which is vital because, thanks to that battery supply, at 1,735kg the EP9 comes in almost 200kg heavier than a LaFerrari or a McLaren P1. Furthermore, NextEV company says the car is capable of more than 2.5G lateral force during high-speed corners, while also producing nearly two and a half tonnes of downforce at 150mph (24,000 Newtons of downforce at 240kph). 


Darrell also said:NextEV company was looking for an opportunity to build something from the ground up and make it big and this debut car from the company definitely looks to fit that bill. But speaking to its commercial value, actually, only six EP9s were sold to NIO investors, mostly big potatoes in China, for US$ 1.2 million each and hopefully ten additional cars will be sold to the general public.





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BY Victoria Wang

Melbourne University Electrical Engineering Club


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