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Much has happened with ARRP this year; the team sign ups, a number of workshop-based events, presentation evenings and more than a few pizzas eaten.
But there is still much to do but all the teams are in a much stronger position because National Instruments have kindly donated a large number of licences of LabVIEW for the MY-RIOs.

Before we talk about all of the upcoming public events and opportunities to become involved it is probably worth mentioning what ARRP is all about and where it going in the future.
The program was started as a result of the 2016 effort of UoM at the National Instruments - Autonomous Robotics Competition (NIARC). Rather than lose the experience gained by those competing, it was decided by the students that it was a good way to promote electrical engineering and collaboration, and hence ARRP was formed. NIARC is run each year for April to mid-September with roughly 35 teams from various Australian Universities (with the odd exception for New Zealand and other close countries). The general aim of the competition is for students to make an autonomous FPGA-based robot that can quickly and accurately complete a task relating to moving small foam cubes around a 4m * 6m track.
Thankfully the national competition only marks the end of this year and the start of the preparations for the following year.
To get the most out of the competition the 2018 teams will be signing up mid-September this year.

Who knows what new ideas there will be or where the program will go, but the three main areas of focus will always be Industry, Research and Enjoyment. Enjoyment for projects and problem solving but it would be more than understandable if it was read as Enjoyment of pizza.

The best way to get involved with how ARRP is going to be shaped in the future is to get involved!
ARRP is currently forming a management committee and in particular, we are looking for current students with an enthusiasm for engineering and project management.

There are also a number of upcoming events that everyone is welcome to attend. The events will also be sticking with the familiar theme of robotics and pizza.
We hope to see many more speakers coming into the university to present on either technical or professional engineering topics later in the semester as well.

A seminar with Emerson from the IEEE-UoM branch about research
Wednesday evening 12/07/2017 5.30 pm.
Old Engineering, University of Melbourne.
EDS 5 or DnB pending construction progress

A seminar with Jeff from IET-YPS about motivation
Wednesday evening 19/07/2017 6.30 pm.
Old Engineering, University of Melbourne.
EDS 5 or DnB pending construction progress

Presentation Night 2
Wednesday evening the 26/07/2017 6.30 pm.
EEE Building, University of Melbourne.

Local NIARC competition

National NIARC competition

Also please feel free to send in any recommendations for events or projects.
Make sure that you keep an eye on ARRP or drop by and get involved!

ARRP management group sign-up

Written by Thomas Harper (

Melbourne University Electrical Engineering Club



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