Event Recap: Membership Card Soldering Workshop

Last Thursday, around 30 students gathered together during the mid-semester break for MUEEC's first ever membership card soldering workshop. This soldering workshop was unlike any other - as the event name suggests, the focus was soldering components onto our club's membership card to create an Arduino Micro!





The membership card acts as a fully functional Arduino Micro with a layout exactly the same, all the pins you could possibly need and even a USB connector to upload sketches.



The event primarily featured surface mount soldering, which is a special type of soldering used for components that sit on the "surface" of your board. This type of soldering is slightly more difficult compared to through hole soldering, due to there being a different technique used to solder the components onto your board.

However, the students were not alone in this task. Aside from several experienced committee members being there to assist, we had a step-by-step video tutorial that the students could watch and follow along with in case they got stuck (all credit to the amazing Rodrigo Maureira). It went through great detail to explain the different parts and the best process to solder all the components on. The design files were also included for the more curious students. These resources can be found here.

Overall, the event was a great success. It gave beginners a good chance to dive straight into the techniques of soldering by starting with surface mount and the outcome was something fully functional that can be used, made by yourself! It was also a great learning tool for those planning to take or currently taking Electronic Systems Implementation (ESI), a 3rd year Electrical Systems elective.

If you missed out, don't worry, this certainly won't be the last time we will hold this type of event. If you are very keen and want to start now, send us a message through the website contact form or our Facebook page and we can hook you up with a kit that has the card and the components. You can then come along to our weekly Hackerspace event and use the soldering stations there while following along to the video.

Here's some more photos from the day. Hope to see you there at our next event!

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