Powering up a whole island using ocean water

As the climate change becomes an increasingly pressing problem, there has been growing public concern about how to solve it. Personally, I think it relies on the clean technology. Just imagine if you would be able to power up a whole island using ocean water and it only costs $6 a year. In terms of generating electricity, this option is more cost-effective, safer, more sustainable and environmentally friendly because our planet is composed of 70% salt water oceans. Listen to this conversation between Barack Obama (44th President of the United States), Jack Ma (Chairman of Alibaba) and Aisa Mijeno (Co-founder and inventor of Salt Lamp) from the APEC CEO Summit 2015. To see how Aisa made it came true as a young entrepreneur and what lessons she has learnt from start-ups.





Video: http://www.rappler.com/

Featured Image: http://www.salt.ph/

BY Victoria Wang

Melbourne University Electrical Engineering Club


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