What we have in store this semester at MUEEC

Welcome back to a new semester at Melbourne University. Hopefully we all have recuperated or been productive over the break and are ready to get back to study. The Electrical Engineers Club has spent its time planning and preparing an exciting array of events and activities for us all for this semester.

Whats New?


The MUEEC blog has been graciously updated, and we hope publish new articles weekly, on interesting topics, university and industry reviews.

New T-shirts and Hoodies

We now have t-shirts and hoodies for sale. Comfortable and good for all occasions, the design is "cooler, hip, trendy" ~ VP Tom Harper. Interesting but understated they are ideal for showing your support of the electrical engineering arts but not too flashy or logo ridden.

New Membership Cards-Boards

To embrace the spirit of the electrical engineer, our membership cards have been completely redesigned. Now printed on fibreglass PCB material these are more durable yet as light and thin as paper card. When you get a membership card you also get an add on PCB which combined with our soldering workshop will create a unique club only Arduino.



Industry Night

Our bi-annual industry night is a chance to hear from members of the electrical engineering industry, from the large engineering firms to previous students at Melbourne Uni. Learn more about what it takes to be an engineer after graduating, and make some connections.

Trivia Night

Have fun playing trivia and meeting new people, not strictly electrical engineering themed, Trivia Nights are a chance to show off your general and oddly specific knowledge in a competitive situation.


We are not a students society without a BBQ, have some good but cheap sausages and chat with us.

SWOTVAC Study Sessions

Studying is more interesting and productive when together in a group. Get help from those who have done the subject before and gain more interesting mindsets from other people. Includes fancy food from expert foodies Andy Elsegood and Jack Zheng.

Semester Break Soldering Workshop

Get much needed practice with soldering at our soldering workshop. This is a not often used skill that is essential for later subjects. Learn how to solder efficiently from our experts.



More information will be posted closer to the event date, on our Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/mueecpage/.



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