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The Melbourne University Electrical Engineering Club (MUEEC) committee has some very exciting news. As a result of both faculty and industry support we are very excited to announce the MUEEC Autonomous Robotics Research Program. An opportunity for any anyone currently at the University of Melbourne to be involved with research and work collaboratively on a project. This means that undergraduate students will have an opportunity to be introduced to research and graduate students can further hone their skills.


20160913_213844The aim of the project is to build a versatile robotics platform that can autonomously operate and complete various tasks including:

  • mapping,
  • obstacle avoidance,
  • path planning and optimisation,
  • environment interaction,
  • networking.



We are currently accepting expressions of interest so if you feel this is something that you might like to be involved with please fill out the following form:


 -Form Link -

 -Form Link -

By Thomas Harper (MUEEC Vice-President)

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