The Club

The Melbourne University Electrical Engineering Club (MUEEC) aims to bridge the division between academics and practical experience by fostering professional skills development.

We run workshops to teach the basic techniques needed and then set them loose in a hackerspace with the tools needed to build amazing projects.

Our industry events are planned to help you network and secure your path after university life.

Finally, we just want to bring like-minded people together so that they can talk about exciting ideas and do impressive things.

Through collaboration with the University of Melbourne Student Union and the Department of Electrical Engineering, the club is able to bring to students a myriad of opportunities to enrich their experience at the University of Melbourne and become highly capable individuals ready to enter the workforce.

The Committee

Thomas Harper


Thomas is obsessed with mathematics, programming, projects and research. When he isn't working on one of his own projects he has a strong passion for encouraging others to participate in research though the MUEEC research initiative. 


Ryan Le



Wilhelm Schuetz




Rodrigo Maureira

-Education Officer

Rodrigo is on his second year of Masters. Passionate about learning and sharing knowledge, he is the kind of person who just want to watch the world learn. With some experience doing electronic design for a startup company, his areas of expertise are PCB design, FPGAs, programming and embedded systems in general.

If you have a cool project or idea to share, he will gladly listen to you, learn something new and hopefully be of some help.


Vinu Gunetilleke


Vinu is a master’s student in Electrical Engineering with Business. He lives by the Buddha’s quote, “Mind is everything, what you think you become”. Call him a social butterfly (sure to have a lot of mutual friends) and he’d go above and beyond to help you out with anything he can. Apart from the theoretical beauty of EEE ft. Mathematics(Pure & Applied) and a hint of Physics, he is passionate about strategical thinking and project management. If you are in the shell of hardware and software skills that uni expects from you, congratulations, You've met the right guy to join forces in the MUEEC!


Bill Tao

-International Students Coordinator



Tony Srour

-Academic Events Coordinator



Dennis Darsono

-Social Events Coordinator



Gilbert Choy

-Merchandise, Media and Marketing Coordinator



David Lynch

-Professional Events Coordinator



Stewart Thompson

Daniel Schulz

-Website and Social Media Developer